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Title: A Dangerous Woman
Author: Aenaria
Rating: PG, for now at least.  Still haven't decided where it's going to go from here.
Spoilers: The Avengers and Captain America: The First Avenger
Summary: There's a woman running around New York City in 2013 with Peggy Carter's face - the same exact face she had back in 1945. Is it coincidence, or something more? Steve Rogers isn't quite sure. Unabashed Peggy/Steve reunion fic. No matter the fandom, I can't escape them...

The last thing I have time to do right now is write, but somehow I still managed to start this piece and dive headfirst right into a new fandom (where I'm still fascinated by the idea of reunion!fics.  Whatever, I love them and I don't care).  Why am I so busy?  I'm actually going to be moving in a few weeks out of Rhode Island and back to the dear city of my birth, Brooklyn, NY.  Which, coincidentally, is where a lot of this story takes place.  Maybe that explains it, but it could also be the mad, passionate obsession with the Avengers that kicked in after I saw the movie - and then proceeded that same night to hit up every Redbox I could find to grab all of the prequels.  And while he's not the usual sort of hero I go for (I've always had a history of going after the so-called anti heroes), the story of Captain America fascinated me the most.  And, all right, it didn't hurt that he's damn easy on the eyes (that introductory scene in the boxing gym?  YUM).  Needless to say, fanfic was almost an inevitability.

(And man, do I really need to update my icons.  I don't think I've put new ones in there for years...)

More author's notes and onto the fic... )

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Title: Palm to Palm, Part Two
Author: Aenaria/[ profile] io_aenaria
Characters/Pairings: Castle/Beckett
Word Count: about 2800
Rating: PG
Spoiler alert: S4 Finale "Always"
Summary: Sometimes all you want is a hand to hold. Kate Beckett, Richard Castle, and a conversation the morning after the season four finale ends. In chapter two, Jim Beckett makes his own statements on the matter.
Author's Notes: I had thought that the story was complete, but I might have been jumping the gun a bit. Someone had brought up the idea that Castle's little line could have caused a bit of unneeded worry on the part of Beckett's father, and the muse just couldn't let it be. So here's part two, in which Beckett tells her dad. About some things, at least. Not all of them. Not yet. Remember, feedback is love, and any tips and critiques you have to help me improve my stories are always appreciated. More author's notes about the future of this story after the fic...

Thank you for reading!

Palm to Palm, part two )
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What can I say, when the muse kicks in, she works fast, and I end up dipping my toes into yet another new fandom. Needless to say, I was inspired. If anyone out there knows any LJ comms I can post this at, let me know!

Title: Palm to Palm
Author: Aenaria/[ profile] io_aenaria
Fandom: Castle
Rating: Teen
Characters: Richard Castle, Kate Beckett

Summary: Sometimes, all you want is a hand to hold. Kate Beckett, Richard Castle, and a conversation the morning after the season four finale ends. Major spoilers for the S4 finale "Always".

Did I mention there were spoilers? Seriously, if you haven't seen the episode, turn back now... )
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Here be spoilers, but slightly vague as some extrapolation may be needed to figure out exactly what I'm talking about. But still, if you don't want any clues, turn back NOW.

Dear Castle Producers: thank you for not putting me through the years of grief and agony that The X-Files did. Whatever you told Rob Bowman, it's obviously working. :D

On the other hand...I gotta wait til fall now?!?! *sob* That's it, must start in on fanfic...
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Ganked from somewhere:

Ask me a question about one of my fanfics or fanfic series. It can be absolutely anything in any fic and I will tell you the honest answer (even on the progress/plans for next chapters of current series).

Don’t hold back. Whatever you ask, I'll answer truthfully and as completely as possible. You can also ask about my writing as a whole, if you like.

Now that the muse has finally returned from her little year-long vacation, let's really get back into the swing of things. Ask away, and bring it on. :)
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X-Files section of, you let me down. Can we say 'holy crap out of character'? *facepalm*

Yeah, I know I disappeared off the face of the earth again. The Aenaria I. family's had a crisis filled few months. By some miracle, we got a happy ending though (and miracle's not a word I toss around lightly). Am working up to writing it down on paper, for my own sake and everyone else's. I'll get there eventually.

And I need a new job. Because mine sucks and I hate that it takes away my passion for writing, which is far more important to me than a paycheck. So people, talk up your towns, tell me why I should be looking for work there!

Love you all,
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I've got a prologue and first chapter written down, plus a pretty complete outline, so I feel safe in putting out for a call for a beta at this point. It's my standard fare-takes a left turn into AU halfway through S4 and doesn't look back. I'm basically looking for someone to spot plotholes and other nonsensical things I end up tossing in. If you're interested, drop me a line in this post. Thanks very much in advance!

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I have too much fun with fanmixes, despite the fact that I am the suck at artwork.

Fandom: Harry Potter/X-Files/Good Omens/Ashes to Ashes Crossover. Okay, I know it sounds convoluted, but go with it…I like to think it works.

Subject: Regulus Black and Samantha Mulder

Title: It’s Only Teenage Wasteland

Notes: This is actually based on a fanfic called Unintended that I’ve been working on for over five years – I’m dating myself here but I remember bringing the early pages of this fic to Lumos 2006. Bit of a while ago…Anyway, here’s the summary: They were supposed to die. All they wanted was peace after their short but eventful lives. For Regulus Black and Samantha Mulder, things didn't quite work out as they had intended. The sequel to "Consequences of Bloody Manchester," which was the original, truly cracked out crossover and basically implied that the demon Crowley was Sirius and Regulus Black’s biological father. This story, while still utter crack, took it in a bit of a different direction. It’s partly posted at this point, at least on The songs were chosen to reflect the plot of the fic, mostly, however the atmosphere of the songs was an important deciding factor as well. Even with that in mind I still ended up with a huge mix.

Be warned, I suck at cover art. I’m still in a learning curve with Photoshop programs.
25 songs inside, with lyrics below the cut. Thanks for looking!

Don't cry, don't raise your eyes... )
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Would people be too mad if the next Sonnets story ended up being a bit of a kidfic? I can't shake the idea, and while in my head it seems like the inevitable next step in the series, it may not be the best way to take the story. Figures though, the first inspiration I get in about eight months, and it ends up being kidfic. Story of my life...

I know it's a little late (had a bit of a bad patch over the last few months and LJ just sort of fell by the wayside) but thank you to everyone who commented on the original story I posted!
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This picture's of a bar in my town that's around the corner from my place. The Doctor Who fan in me gets a kick out of it every time I go past.

We've also got a 4 Privet Drive here too. I wonder what other fandomy things we can cram into this eight square mile town (mind you, two of those squares are water so it's really only about six miles)?
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Happy Towel Day everyone! In honor of that, I must share one of my favorite phrases of all time:

“There is a theory which states that if ever for any reason anyone discovers what exactly the Universe is for and why it is here it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another that states that this has already happened.”

- Douglas Adams

Also, don't forget to wear your lilac today either. How do they rise, after all?
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Is it bad that I want to get those little letter stickers so I can put a small sign on my door that says 221B?
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Dear Netflix, why are you editing the episodes of Top Gear and cutting stuff out of them? I don't get it. It's not like you have to pay for air time - I'm paying you.

*scratches head in puzzlement*

Note, the only reason I'm realizing this is because I'm watching the ep with David Tennant on it right now and noticed that they cut out the news section, which is a sad testament to how many times I've seen this exact episode.

Still, I will plug on with my project of watching every episode of Top Gear available on Netflix. I love this show more than is healthy.

*makes vroom vroom noises with mouth*
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I will NOT look up spoilers for the next episode of Castle. I will not, I will not.

But dammit, I haven't seen UST this frustrating since the good ol' XF days. Which is a good thing. And I want mooooooore....
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I'm subjecting you here to my first attempt at a fanmix for a shiny new show that I've fallen in love with. If this works well, then I'm totally going to get the Mysterious Ways fanmix up and going as well. So following the guidelines set out by the fanmix community, here goes:

Medium: Television
Fandom: White Collar
Subject: Neal Caffrey, with most of the other characters poking their heads in too
Title: The Wild Boy
Notes: *waves* My first post here at this community, and the first fanmix for public consumption that I've made in a long, long time. White Collar has quickly become a new obsession, however, and the first two seasons somehow ended up amassing songs on my iPod, which
led to this mix. So I guess you could call this a vague description of the two seasons, set to a bit of a rock soundtrack. Spoilers inside. And please forgive my cover art...

Meet Neal Caffrey )
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*thwaps* Come on, get your login page working! First time in months I want to post something and you won't let me log in. Dammit.

Add to that, my old back injury has been acting up over these last few weeks, and the heating pad's not helping to untangle the muscles anymore. *sigh* So a word of advice to all you out there: don't try to move a loveseat, not without a lot of support. Otherwise you'll be regretting it years later...
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I've been having funny thoughts about this lately. Three years ago I started a story (if you've followed my lj you'll probably have seen it by now, lol) and I had to find a specific date for the main events of that story to take place. The date that I picked is coming up in four days, which seemed like such a far off day when I came up with the timing all those years ago. Which then makes me think of the fact that 1) I started that story over three years ago!? and 2) maybe in some parallel cross universe somewhere my story's actually happening instead of what we saw on TV. A girl can dream.

*sigh* Back to the job hunt. This not having money or a job thing blows. I've got my MFA though, that has to count for something, right? Right?
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Damn you for making me tear up, Season 8 of X-Files, damn you so much. Watching S8 again, however, makes me realize two things: 1) how much I actually do love S8, despite the fandom fallout at the time (oh, the memories...) and 2) in light of this season, how much of a freakin' wall banger Season 9 is.

Oh, and I am officially all graduated now, and am the proud owner of a MFA in writing. Yay! :) Now comes the hard part - finding a job and paying back the buttload of student loans I owe.
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Am sitting in my hotel room (long, but good story - will explain later as I have to check out in an hour) watching a newer episode of Law and Order (don't recognize any of the cops and McCoy's been promoted higher up) and noticed that the main judge in this episode is called...Malcolm Reynolds???? Shout out much, anyone? The guy's totally not Captain Tightpants, though. :(
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Have reached "Triangle" in the Great X-Files re-watch and am realizing that, with a little bit of loose interpretation, it's rather based off of the same idea as Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes (as revealed in S3 of Ashes to Ashes, at least...won't say any more in case of spoilers). Is it bad that I see ammo/justification for the cracked out crossover in everything now?

Edit: FictionAlley, you suck - get your servers in line so I can read through your regs and see if I can resurrect my account there!
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